Target Users & Features

Target: Home aquarium hobbyists of different experience levels.

Visual Design Inspiration

Dark UI with pops of color inspired by aquatic life.

Key Interaction: Navigating Multiple tanks

How do hobbyists view tank data when they own multiple tanks?

The objective was to make it easy for users to know which tank they were looking at, a solution that could scale from a single tank to multiple tanks. By displaying the tank’s image and name, the user knows which tank’s data they are viewing, and can switch between tanks with ease.

Key Interaction: Diagnosing a fish

How could we personalize the process of diagnosing the user’s specific pet?
Users can take a quick “quiz” to help identify problems with their fish and learn about treatment options. Different species of aquatic life face different complications and diseases. When logging symptoms, users see a visual representation of their pet’s species (similar to their fish in real life), making it feel more personal and easier to identify problem areas.

Dashboard Screens

Challenge: How can we simplify tank data to make it easy for the user to digest and understand?
The dashboard helps the user see their tank health at a glance. Rather than relying on complex data points for the user to decipher (ph, nitrate, nitrite etc), user can instead scan the overall tank health, and click into an area to see more detailed information. Color association is used in context with iconography to make the status of each item easy for the user to understand.

Dashboard Process

Diagnosis & Treatment Screens

Challenge: How can we make it easy for users to diagnose and treat their fish? (keeping in mind different levels of knowledge)

When something seems off, users can find out which disease or problem their fish is having and learn how to treat it. Users have the option to search a specific disease, browse common diseases, or to take a symptom quiz that is based on their specific pet. In the quiz users can log multiple behavior and/or appearance symptoms to generate a diagnosis that displays information about the disease, treatment options, and a way for the user to add treatment reminders so they can easily remember how to treat their pet.

Diagnosis & Treatment Process