Information Architecture

  • Final IA Phase 1

Sketches - Landing Page Concepts

The initial idea I had for a landing screen was more of a dynamic field approach that would ask the user what they were looking for, which would dive them into a specific set of results. I tested this concept in a quick prototype against a dashboard concept, and slightly more users preferred the dashboard which was more conventional.

Originally phase 1 was going to include loyalty and trips, we were going to use flight number to be able to pull restaurants near the user’s gates, and know which terminals the user would land in so they could order ahead when they deplaned or connected. Loyalty was also going to be in phase 1, but ended up getting pushed to phase 2.

Sketches - Menu & Restaurant Details

Many restaurants were not going to offer online ordering for phase 1, and many restaurants had different online order menus that differed from their full menu. Menus also change by time of day. I played around with different ways of displaying “all items” available now, vs available for pick up items, as well as filters for times and menu item type.

iOS Wireframes

Android Wireframes

Usually the iOS and Android wireframes will look significantly different, due to hour constraints for phase 1, iOS was prioritized, and the main difference across platforms is the navigation.